Stress Management Coaching Expert



Stress Management Coaching is more than just a course about stress; it is an experience. You will discover a variety of ways to prevent and manage stress in your life and the lives of others. Learn what stress is, what causes it, and some specific stress reduction techniques that inspire you to continue a lifelong program of stress management. Stress Management Coaching is a growing field that provides powerful approaches to a healthy and balanced life.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Identify the fundamentals of coaching

• Recognize the principles of empowerment

• Recall the steps for developing coaching skills

• Identify methods for creating conversations, enhancing listening skills and working with clients

• Define the co-active coaching model

• Identify coaching principles

• Define the coaching process

• Recognize proper ways to ask coaching questions

• Identify steps for selecting and developing your coaching model

• Recall coaching techniques and goals

• Recall the factors causing stress in today’s world

• Recognize the role of stress in chronic disease

• Identify practices for reducing stress

• List methods for facilitating mindfulness and meditation

• Describe the importance of relaxation


Course Code: ESIDE-SMC

Program Duration: 12 Months

Program Type: Certificate/Certification

Contact Hours: 765

Student Tuition: $3,950