Renewable Energy Specialist



This Renewable Energy Specialist course addresses the main characteristics of the emerging generation of technologies which will be employed to provide energy for the power grid over the next 20 years. This course covers solar energy in its various forms, such as photovoltaic, thermal and thermodynamic energy conversion, taking into account the various issues associated with the connection of these solar plants to the grid. We will also cover wind technologies, wave power and geothermal energies. This Renewable Energy Specialist course is a must for anyone interested in moving into the field of green energy.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the core elements of photovoltaic systems and solar energy
  • Identify features of wind system energy and technologies
  • Recognize energy systems based on water and geothermal production
  • List the main features of biofuels and bioenergy technologies
  • Recall various energy systems, their efficiency and other factors of influence

Prerequisite: Solid knowledge of math and sciences.

Course Code: 180 Hours/12 Months

Tuition: $1,250