Corrections Specialist Certificate Program with Externship



The US Criminal Justice system is a complex web of interconnected authorities, facilities, issues, and concerns. One of the most important facets of criminal justice is the Corrections System that houses, monitors, and reintegrates individuals – adults and juveniles – under supervision of the law. The criminal laws and penal system that determine corrections requirements, the various stresses on the largest corrections system in the world here in the US as well as the various issues, concerns and considerations for rehabilitating and reintegrating individuals back into society require a fundamental understanding of the entire system in order to successfully take on the roles and responsibilities of professionals working in the Corrections system. This program takes students through the ins and outs of the US Corrections system and the laws that govern it alongside the individual, political and societal issues.

Course Code: DESU-CJ-CRCT

Average Length: 6 months

Cost: $3,999